Aloe Vera acne treatment


Aloe Vera acne treatment

Aloe Vera is a plant used since many centuries, even by ancient Romans and Greeks, for many alternatives medecines, but does Aloe Vera acne treatment really work ? It has many effects, like anti-inflammatory properties, or moisturizing, healing and soothing ones. It will definitely help for mild to moderate acne, as you will read with these best articles from the net about Aloe Vera acne treatment collected for you :

Where to buy Aloe vera

Aloe Vera acne treatment : gel and pimples

Aloe Vera acne treatmentAccording to Medical News Today, pimples form when the hair follicles become clogged with sebum oil. This oil originates from the sebaceous glands just beneath the skin and is used to keep the skin moist and hydrated. When excess amounts are produced, it combines with dirt and dead skin cells to block the pores and acne can ensue. Hormonal imbalances are blamed for this sudden increase in sebum oil and resultant acne rather than poor hygiene and diet.

Aloe Barbadensis

Although there are hundreds of different species of aloe vera plant in the world, the two most commonly associated with natural healing are aloe arborescens and aloe barbadensis. The medicinal qualities of arborescens pale in comparison to barbadensis, notes GrannyMed. This aloe plant is stemless and can be found it arid climates. Its leaves are thick and contain a gel like substance. It is this gel which is most often used in natural remedies for skin conditions like acne.


According to  »Readers Digest: 1001 Home Remedies, » medical professionals do not yet understand how aloe vera works. What is known is that aloe vera gel is rich in anti-inflammatory and soothing agents. It utilizes the chemical bradykininase to act as a topical painkiller. This gummy gel is also said to contain substances which increase blood flow to injured areas and dilate blood vessels thereby helping to promote healing.


Aloe Vera acne treatmentRemove an outer aloe vera leaf at its base. Cut down the spine of the leaf and then peel away the skin, revealing the gel. Rinse the piece of gel under cold water. Now apply to the pimpled area. Massage into the skin, being careful to avoid contact with the eyes.  »Readers Digest: 1001 Home Remedies » reports that most skin sores caused by acne can heal within five days of use.


Although  »Readers Digest: 1001 Home Remedies » makes these claims, sources like the website Mayo Clinic recognize that more research is needed to fully understand the role natural remedies such as aloe vera.

It is believed that its soothing and healing effects can also help relieve the soreness and inflammation of sunburn, psoriasis, speed the healing of cuts, grazes and those lesions caused by shingles.


If you don’t wish to use pure aloe vera gel, you can find it in many over-the-counter cosmetics for skin conditions. Consult your doctor about the topical use of pure aloe vera before starting a self-treatment. Your doctor may recommend the use of other over-the-counter products containing the likes of benzoyl peroxide for your pimples. Benzoyl peroxide is a natural compound from the hydrogen peroxide family. MayoClinic lists it as an effective strategy for preventing future acne outbreaks.


How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Acne

Aloe Vera acne treatmentThe sap contained within an aloe vera plant has a number of healing qualities. One of the conditions that is commonly treated with aloe vera is acne, a skin condition in which the sebaceous glands and hair follicles become inflamed and produce pimples. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat this condition.


Establish a skin care routine in the morning and at night using aloe vera products. Consistent use of aloe vera to treat acne can improve symptoms and prevent further breakouts.

Apply a topical aloe vera gel to affected areas and allow it to settle into the skin. Aloe vera gel helps decrease redness and swelling in acne-prone areas and works well as a spot treatment.

Wash your face twice daily using a facial soap containing aloe vera. There are many products on the market that incorporate aloe vera into their formulas. Aloe vera soap can be used more frequently if you have a problem with oily skin.

Use an aloe vera lotion or cream to moisturize the entire face without adding oil. The aloe vera in the moisturizer will help prevent future breakouts caused by a buildup of excess oil.

Use aloe vera gel as a mask at night. Apply it to affected areas and sleep without washing it off. Wash with aloe vera soap in the morning.

Apply aloe vera gel to old acne scars to soften and reduce them. Aloe helps regenerate skin so that scars can be replaced with smooth, healthy skin.

Tips & Warnings

Aloe Vera acne treatment*Pat skin dry after washing with aloe vera soap.

*Aloe vera can be used to treat acne in other areas besides the face, such as on the back and chest.

*You can use aloe vera in commercial preparations, or you can extract the sap yourself from an aloe vera plant. The sap in its raw form is safe to use.

*Commercially prepared aloe vera gel can be used before or after cleansing. Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

*Don’t expect aloe vera to cure acne completely. Aloe vera works on the symptoms of acne, but may not entirely address the root causes. Consistent use is required to maintain results.


Aloe Vera: How it Work for Acne

Aloe Vera acne treatmentAloe vera solutions for acne can help with the healing process and prevent future skin problems. The treatments are applied topically to restore skin that is inflamed around the hair follicle. Acne is commonly found on the face, neck, shoulders and back. Although it can be found on all areas of the body. Aloe vera gel can help reduce acne problems and make it easier for acne sufferers to handle.

Aloe vera is only of several natural vitamins and other resources that can be used to help treat acne. When scar tissue is left on the face or body as a result of acne, aloe vera solutions can help the skin rebuild new tissue and diminish the appearance of scars left over by severe acne blemishes.

How Well it Works

Aloe vera has been a proven solution to help acne sufferers improve their skin problems and promote the healing of scar tissue formed by the swelling and inflammation of acne. Aloe vera can be found as a liquid or gel substance that is extracted from the inner portion of the aloe vera plant. For centuries aloe vera has been used to help various ailments. It has even been used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese as far back as five thousand years ago. In recent years aloe vera has been used to heal skin that is damaged by burns and for intestinal problems.

Aloe vera is an all natural treatment. The material found inside the aloe vera plant contains gibberellin and polysaccharides which help to stimulate the skin and heal infected areas. These ingredients are good as reducing swelling and inflammation surrounding acne blemishes. There are also natural antibiotics in the gel, coagulating agents, pain inhibitors and astringent materials. Aloe vera helps to stimulate new cell growth and the skin’s ability to heal scarred tissue.

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera acne treatmentUsing aloe vera as a remedy and treatment option is a simple and inexpensive option. There are several aloe vera products available in drug stores and at cosmetic counters. If you want the purest form then you should look for aloe vera products that are one hundred percent and contain no additives or chemicals that may make your skin problems worse. There is even the option of purchasing an aloe vera plant to break open the stems to get to the gel compound that is inside the plant. To treat acne use aloe vera topically and apply it liberally after washing the skin.

To increase the chances of aloe vera working to cure your acne you should accompany it with a healthy diet. A healthy diet is key to getting healthy skin. Vitamins can be added to your diet to help promote skin repair and fight your skin problems. Vitamins A and B are best known to help keep skin looking and feeling young and healthy. Any vitamins you take should be taken in moderation and as directed.

Taking in plenty of water is also essential to a skin regimen. Eight eight ounce glasses of water a day is recommended. If you are prone to acne then you should stay away from carbohydrates and large amounts of sugar. The best choice is healthy vegetables and fruit that are rich in vitamins. Foods with Omega-3 fatty acids are another good option.

Exercise will also help the body’s natural ability to repair skin damage. When using aloe vera you should also incorporate an all around healthy lifestyle. It is always best to talk with your doctor or dermatologist before starting any new diet or before you take large amounts of vitamins. If you are not familiar with any acne product or treatment option you should talk with your doctor and gain their approval first.


I don’t know if we can call it « miracle », but Aloe Vera acne treatment is a helpful way to treat your acne without side effects.

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