Butt acne


Butt acne

Acne can appear on the face, neck, upper shoulders, and back or even on the butt. Butt acne is not very hard to treat. It seems that butt acne is much such as acne on the face, speaking from the point of the way they form and the discomforts and embarrassment, but from the treatment point of view butt acne is different. Such as facial acne or body acne, butt acne affects many people, men, women, teenagers, adults.

Butt acne causes

Choosing a proper acne treatment is never easy, and you must select wisely depending on your skin type, on the stage of acne and also on the family history. Acne is manifesting differently from a person to another. Acne also depends on genetics. If your family – parents or close relative – suffered from acne, there is a big probability that you too will suffer from acne. So it is very important to find out your family history. Depending on this family history, you can make some research and find out which acne treatment worked best in your family. Genetics has an important word to say in every condition.

Butt acne can be very discomforting and also can provoke a very painful experience to the person who suffers from this type of acne. Red dots with white centers are very common on the butt. Several causes of butt acne can be irritation and sweat, oil from sebaceous glands clog pores in that area and those red pimples with white heads appear. Some people believe that wearing tight clothes that do not let skin to breathe can cause butt acne.

But the truth is somewhere near this affirmation. Wearing improper garments that produce sweat can cause acne on the buttocks, but not tight clothes. Age, disease, hormonal changes, stress, drugs, personal hygiene, diet or environment can influence or cause acne on the buttocks.

butt acne
Butt acne treatment

Apply a natural acne treatment several times a day, a treatment that must contain some natural ingredients that are necessary for healing acne on the butt. An acne treatment for the buttocks must act upon the microorganisms that cause acne. Also you must use an acne treatment that heals wounds, such as oleum lavandula. You also must apply acne treatments that contain natural ingredients, natural herbs that treat burns and also are anti-inflammatory. Cell regeneration acne treatments must also be used, containing ingredients such as Symphytum.

Try to unclog pores in that area, sometimes it is a good idea even to squeeze them, but not too hard. Butt acne is a little different from facial acne or body acne. You can try rubbing alcohol, or other homemade acne treatment, because butt acne is easier to treat than facial acne, for example.

You must follow also some simply natural rules that help you obtain visible and efficient results. Acne treatments for butt must not be oil based or perfumed. Herbal remedies are best, and also applying some alcohol is recommended before applying any other treatment. Also you must avoid garments that make you sweat, because you must let your skin breathe in order to heal more efficiently and faster.

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