Causes of Acne


What causes acne? Below are listed some causes of acne

People who suffer from acne always in search to find the causes of acne so, they can avoid those things that causes acne to have clear and acne free skin.

Acne is a common problem among individuals of all age group from teenagers to young adults. So, everybody talks about the causes of acne and look for their solution as they feel acne as a hindrance in their personality. Individuals who suffer from acne always look for natural solutions so; they can get rid of acne.

Major Causes of Acne

Among all the causes of acne there are 5 well know causes of acne which work together and results in whiteheads, pimples, blemishes, and blackheads on skin.

What causes acne

Increase In The level of Sebum Production

One of the most common causes of acne in the body is the increased sebum production. There are sebaceous glands present in our skin that produces a secretion called sebum. It is an oily secretion secreted on the skin by the sebaceous gland. Due to hormonal disturbance in the body the sebaceous glands become over activated which results in an increased production of sebum that ultimately causes acne on skin. Due to increase amount of sebum on skin the bacteria cause acne.
There are small pores present on the surface of skin, the oily secretion called sebum discharge from those pores. Hairs as well grow through these pores present in skin. Due to over production of sebum, it clogs the skin pores present on face, chest, back and on arms. This provides favorable conditions for those bacteria that are present on our skin. Bacteria reproduce and cause redness on the skin. Sometimes cysts develop if the acne is most severe. Due to rupturing of skin, the infectious matter present in those cysts spread which cause even more infection and results in acne scars.

Skin Bacteria

Due to unusual activity of bacteria present on skin results in the clogging of skin pores. Hairs also grow there from hair follicles. The over production of sebum for sebaceous glands also get trapped in hair follicles in the blocked pores of skin ultimately become one of the causes of acne.


The lifestyle of any individual has great effect on the overall health. Unhealthy lifestyle not only just cause health problems but can also be one of the causes of acne. Some of the factors that tigers acne are

Improper sleep
Having food that have high level of oil
Certain dairy products
Lack of exercise

causes of acne


Studies also show that there is an association between acne and stress. During stress condition there is an increased production of adrenal hormone in the body by the adrenal glands which cause acne outbreaks. The healing process in the body slows down during stress so it takes some time for acne pustules or wounds to heal. Hence it’s an established fact that stress is one of the causes of acne in individuals.

Other Causes of Acne

There are some other factors that cause acne. Few of these factors are mention below.

Certain types of drugs.
Dead skin cells
Use of steroids
Intake of oily foods
Use of some heavy type of make up.

This is the brief description of some of the causes of acne. There are many other internal factors as well that tigers the acne. So, doing only some kind of external treatment will not help you to permanently get rid of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads etc unless you do treatment for the internal causes of acne.

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