Clear skin max review


Clear skin max review

What is clear skin max anyway ?

After using for 30 days you will see reduction in every day zits, most pimples and of course the reddish unattractive look that goes hand in hand.

If you want to get rid of acne, then the product will work if you use it diligently for at least 30 days.

Its very effective and some people saw results after 5-6 days and by the end of thirty days they were happy.

clear skin max review

How does this cool product work its magic ?

Get rid of excess sebum – sebum is the oily and waxy substance your skin secretes
Reduce the shiny oiliness of your face without irritating it
Help cleanse your pores and reduce blackheads and whiteheads
Help heal your skin and get rid of painful acne and restore balance
Eliminate the bacteria that contributes to acne
Prevent further outbreaks of acne

These are the six elements that make up Clear Skin Max.

Tea Tree Oil Control Cleansing Gel

This is daily cleanser (or even twice daily) that will leave your face moisturized but not oily. It has three special ingredients that can help reduce inflamed trouble spots and soothe your skin. Oil and dirt will be washed away and start to end the build-up of both and begin to clear your skin. Tea Tree Oil has proven to work wonders. This is not a chemical rinse but a natural cleanser that is not harsh on your skin.

Skin Softening and Melanin Expel Essence Gel

This will open your pores, moisturize your skin and prepare you for the deep cleaning mask. You want to skin to be oil free but some products go to far and leave it dry and cracked but no this gel. The two main ingredients are an Algae Extract and Vitamin B3 which will help balance your skins moisture levels and leave it feeling smooth and clean.

Acne Vanisher Mask

Works like a healer and its main ingredient is Allantoin, a comfrey extract. It’s anti-irritating, skin impurities removal and exfoliator. For stong acne sufferers, use it every 3 days. For non severe acne sufferers, use it once a week.

Conditioning Lotion

Using Allantoin again, but mixed with Witch Hazel, this lotion helps your skin by protecting it from new bacteria, and by increasing the production of keratin.

Acne Treatment Emergency

Made of different ingredients, from vitamin E, B3, olive oil extract, to protect against breakouts.

Anti acne Tava Tea.

Tea is efficient against acne thanks to its antioxidant an healing skin properties. This anti acne is made of 3 different teas and works from the inside this time. Drinking this Tava tea helps calming inflammations and you can drink up to 6 cups everyday.

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