Does chocolate cause acne ?


You love eating chocolate, but are wondering about chocolate’s effects on your acne ?


You’re lucky !

Does eating chocolate cause acne?

If you say yes, you are absolutely wrong. It is common myth if chocolate can cause acne. For some reasons, it is blamed as a factor that causes obesity, tooth decoy, and always associated with acne. But the fact is, it has a lot of benefit for your skin and for your health.

Chocolate fats are similar to sebum oil.

People associate chocolate to acne due to fats inside it. Although chocolate fats are similar to sebum oil, research found that there is no directly correlation between chocolate and acne.

Chocolate is good to reduce stress.

Chocolate boosts serotonin, a chemical in brain which gives a calming effect to a person’s mind who consumes it. Eating this delicious food is also good to reduce stress, one of factor that causes acne.

Chocolate for diet plan.

The nutrition of chocolate is enough to supply one-third an adult’s daily need to antioxidants. Antioxidant itself is very helpful to prevent free radicals that can cause acne. Therefore, it should be included to your diet plan in preventing acne.

Consuming chocolate is not always healthy.

However, the benefits of chocolate still depend to the kind of chocolate and amount of it you are eating. Pure chocolate is the best choice for you. Reduce or avoid consuming milk chocolate. It is not recommended because it has less cocoa and more dairy.

So far, you have read a lot about benefits of chocolate and the wrong myth about it and its correlation to acne. What are you waiting for chocolate lovers, get it now and fell its delicious taste!


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