How acne happens


How acne happens, What cause acne?

The sebaceous glands and hair follicles that we have on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest often get irritated because of the pores blockage and that’s the way the acne appears. The pimples, whiteheads and blackheads appear because of the excessive oil quantity produced by those glands in combination with the dead cells on the surface of the skin; Those and the impurities in the atmosphere are the factors that clog up the pores and cause the whiteheads and blackheads. The next step is the entering of the microbes in the skin through a whitehead burst and generates a pimple; after this most of us are tempted to squeeze the pimples and this is the cause of scars and signs that can last for a very long time. Everyone thinks that acne is a skin disease that affects only teenagers; shockingly, the studies show that there are more adults suffering from acne than teenagers (it seems that more of 50% of the adults are affected by acne compared to 25 % of teenagers).

There can be many things that can cause acne

Poor hygiene, diet, nervous tension, heredity and hormone disproportions often are basis of acne problems. If we want to stop acne from the inside we must begin by changing our diet.

-we must be careful with the food allergies; these are the main cause of the worst cases in adult acne
-we must do anything to improve or digest because the inability to absorb important nutritive substances can lead to acne problem
-everyone has to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to insure the proper hydration of the skin, especially during the summer.
-it’s also important to avoid high-fat meats, such as pork, the excess of milk, sugar, white flour and other refined, processed food to stop the acne’s most common cause
-products like, crabs and other shellfish, liver, cheese, iodized salt(Iodine-rich foods) are well known as not recommended in acne treatment if we really want to stop the acne causes.
-milk products, cookies, margarine, chocolate and any food that contains trans-fatty acids are damaging for your skin especially if you suffer from acne problems.
-a good diet is extremely important to improve bad digestion; it-s also recommended to take digestive supplements and eliminate deficiencies in zinc and vitamin A (the healthy diet is the most important to stop the acne causes)
-hygiene is of major importance in acne prevent and treatment; therefore we must make sure that the bed lingerie is always clean so that the skin doesn’t collect any impurities during the night.
-the skin must be cleansed twice a day not with a regular soap but with an antibacterial soap or cleanser containing salicylic acid. It’s important that the cleaning process isn’t very violent with the skin, otherwise the membrane will get even more irritated.
-the most popular cleansing products are the ones containing benzoyl peroxide which are very efficient to stop acne.
-it’s also recommended to use products with Aloe Vera
-you must eliminate any factor that you think may have cause acne appearance because a new make-up product or sun lotion could contain a substance that you are allergic to
-the hands are the most used parts of our body during the day, so it’s true that we must wash our hands very often and try not to put them on the face or other parts of our body affected and cause acne.
-also it would be a good thing to avoid greasy lotions and cosmetics
-for a better cleansing, it’s an idea to take a vapor bath (boil some water and put your head over the vapors for a few minutes), and then wash your face with an antibacterial soap.
how acne happens


Acne problems occurs in the adolescence period for both males and females; although in the adulthood males don’t have to worry about acne any more, women, on the other hand have to face pimples and greasy skin every month, a week before their menstrual period begins.

Other factors that cause acne: stress, seasonal changes, drug toxicity and sun exposure, as well as caffeinated drinks and certain spices.

Acne Treatment

The most common acne treatment is the one the doctor recommends: antibiotics. The tetracycline is a low level antibiotic that is very popular among doctors’ prescriptions. Of course it’s a known fact that a long antibiotic treatment is damaging for the immunity system so this is not a solution after a period of usage without results.

For adults it is not recommended that they use acne products designed for teenagers; there are many products based on salicylic acid which are very efficient in adult acne.

So there are a few things that you must remember as rules to treat acne or prevent it:

-adopt a healthy diet
-clean the skin carefully
-analyze your daily diet and cosmetic products to see if they cause any allergy
-the food must contain low-fat and high-fiber products
-take supplements like vitamin E, A

Changing an unhealthy diet is one of the most important steps in acne stop; but there are a few more tips for better results and they are based on natural essences. There are several herbs that can be made into a tea and taken internally or used as a wash. Besides aloe and burdock, calendula, chickweed, dandelion, red clover, white oak bark, yellow dock, cayenne, echinacea, ginseng, redmond clay, sarsaparilla, and valarian may be used. These acne cures that have been used for a long time to stop acne and have proven their efficiency.

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