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Manuka Honey for acne : does it work?

I am black, (light brown complexion) and I have had acne since I was a teenaged due to a combination of poor eating habits, hair grease getting on my skin and using things that were not meant for my skin (alcohol based products to dry out my skin). During high school, I was also under a great deal of stress. When I graduated and moved away from home, my skin magically cleared up. But once I started using makeup (revlon products), I started breaking out again. I just figured it was something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life to some extent. I am now 36, and at the age of 28, I found MAC cosmetics. After research and trial, my skin began to clear and the dark marks starting going away while using fade creams. I then got pregnant and got cystic acne worse than ever. All my years of work were gone.

A year after my son was born, I started using Proactiv and saw a little relief, but the marks were still there. Fast forward to today. I have been using the fade cream for just about a year with minor improvement. I was getting a pimple every other day, whether it was a whitehead or something under the skin. Oxy would occasionally stop the pimple, but other times, it would do nothing. I ordered the Manuka skin cream this past week. It arrived 3 days later. I put it on my skin after washing my face with Burt’s Bee’s baby wash (the kind that is unscented and practically all natural). It felt a little heavy, but I knew it didn’t matter because of what was in the product.

Manuka Honey for acne

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The next morning when I got up, not only did I not have a single pimple, my face was the softest I have ever felt it. It has been 5 days and I have not had a SINGLE pimple. Even with having some not so great foods over the holidays (french fries and buttered movie popcorn). Before it seemed if a single bit of oil got on my skin, even on accident, it was a guaranteed pimple. Now, I throughly believe I won’t have to worry about this ever again. I have ordered a Reviva acid product that I will use to remove the scars and continue to use this for acne and overall skin health. Once I get rid of the scars, I know my skin will be perfect. I wish I had looked into this years ago.

Thank you so much for making something natural that works!!!

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