Proactiv reviews


Proactiv reviews

A lot of people are searching for Proactiv reviews as the buzz around the product is big due to the celebrities promoting it. And the question is : does proactiv work ? Well, searching the net for consummer’s reviews gives this answer : not really ! In fact, it does work for some, but apparently it doesn’t for more, and there is for sure better products to help you get rid of acne. And also, it seems that there are a lot of issues with the billing system. Anyway, you have to read these articles about proactiv products, they explain in detail the pros and cons of proactiv and give an honest review about it. You will then make your own decision !

Proactiv Reviews Agree: The Proactiv® Acne Treatment System Works For Some, But…

proactiv reviewsProactive reviews Proactiv® Solution is a well-known, celebrity endorsed acne treatment system, but it is not our top pick. At the time of this writing 6,390 people cast their votes for Proactiv at a well-known acne forum. Out of these thousands of Proactive reviews it scored an overall rating of 2.8/5.

That’s a score only slightly above average and if you look around, you can find complete acne solutions that receive a higher score. Proactiv did make it into our top 10, but it didn’t make it into our top 3.

Proactive Review: Proactiv Products for Acne Control

Proactiv is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of products for acne-prone skin. The company claims that its newly formulated acne products are faster and gentler than ever before—but do they work? Let’s take a look at the leading Proactiv products for acne one by one.

*Proactiv says its newly reformulated acne products heal acne faster and with fewer side effects than ever before.
*The Deep Cleansing Wash costs about three times more than comparable products because it contains salicylic acid—which you rinse off your face and down the drain before it gets a chance to work.
*The Advanced Blemish Treatment contains 6% benzoyl peroxide, strong enough to kill acne bacteria on contact but also strong enough to cause stinging, burning, itching, redness, dryness, and flaking skin, all of which make keep forming new blemishes.
*The Conceal Plus Sulfur product contains 6% sulfur, which is enough both to kill bacteria and to irritate the skin.
*The Repairing Treatment is strong enough to work but mild enough not to cause skin irritation. And it’s a whole less expensive than the Advanced Blemish Treatment.
*The Body Pads contain ingredients that open pores, along with ingredients that close them.
*Other Proactiv acne products also contain all the right ingredients, plus ingredients that can undo the benefits of the product.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

This Proactiv product combines salicylic acid, a useful skin peel, with polyethylene beads, a useful skin scrub. The product with this deep cleansing wash is that you rinse the salicylic acid down the drain before it has an opportunity to peel dead skin from the openings of pores. You can get just as much benefit from a US $9.95 microdermabrasion scrubbing cloth (like the one offered by Exposed Skin Care) as you can get from the US $35 16-oz (480 ml) bottle of this cleansing wash.

Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment

proactiv reviewsThis Proactiv product fights pimples with 6% benzoyl peroxide. While this strength of benzoyl peroxide is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in over-the-counter acne products, it can cause dryness, stinging, burning, and peeling of skin in about 80% of people who use it. Most people cannot use a benzoyl peroxide product that is this strong for more than about a month before side effects become intolerable. The new formulation of Advanced Blemish Treatment, however, is less drying and irritating than the old formulation, in that the product no longer contains alcohol.

You will probably lose about 2/3 of your pimples and 1/3 of your blackheads and whiteheads during the very first month, but you are likely to find the side effects troublesome. And since Proactiv costs US $18.00 for just 0.33 oz/8 grams, you may want to check out Clearasil, Neutrogena, and Exposed Skin Care, which offer similarly effective products for a lot less money.

Proactiv Concealer Plus Sulfur Acne Treatment

Since benzoyl peroxide only gets rid of about 2/3 of your pimples (after about a month, new pimples form about as fast as old pimples heal), you may want to use a concealer. This Proactiv product claims to cover up pimples while helping them heal with the power of sulfur.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved this 6% sulfur product for use as an over-the-counter treatment for acne. The problem with this Proactiv product is similar to the problems with Advanced Blemish Treatment, in that sulfur can irritate the skin. The sulfur also gives the makeup a grainy finish which could call even more attention to your pimples than the odd orange, peachy, and pink tones used in the concealer. This product unfortunately cannot be recommended for anyone who has acne.

Proactiv Repairing Treatment

Proactiv says that its Repairing Treatment is a light and oil-free lotion containing “finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide” that you can use over your entire face. Costing just $22 for 2 oz/56 grams, this product is a relative bargain compared to the Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment. And even though it contains just 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, the minimum amount of the acne-fighting ingredient approved by the US FDA, it is likely to get rid of just as many pimples and blackheads with a lot less skin irritation.

What makes benzoyl peroxide “prescription grade,” by the way, is not how finely it is milled. A few products offer benzoyl peroxide microspheres which slowly release tiny amounts of the chemical into pores, enough to kill bacteria without causing irritation. The process of making microspheres involves combinations of chemicals, not additional grinding of the product.

Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads

Although branded as “body” pads, this Proactiv product is really a salicylic acid peel intended for use in treating acne on the face. The pads contain the right amount of salicylic acid at the right pH to break up the “glue” that holds the dead skin cells together to clog pores. The problem with the product is that it also contains alcohol, which can dry out skin and create still more dead skin cells, and witch hazel, which can shrinks pores as quickly as salicylic acid opens them.

Proactiv Solution Refining Mask

proactiv reviewsThis refining mask is an expensive remedy (US $28 for each 2.5 oz/70 gram tube) that contains some potentially irritating ingredients. The main ingredient in this mask is kaolin, the sterile clay used to make “mud packs.” Proactiv adds 6% sulfur to the mask, but offsets the potentially drying effects of the kaolin with the addition of flaxseed oil (linoleic acid). The mask contains essential oil of lemon grass, which increases irritation, but also tea tree oil, which fights it. If you happen to have this product at home, it’s best used on pimples but not on the rest of your skin.

Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer

Green tea extract is popular in skin treatments, because it can shrink the sebaceous glands that make the oil that can accumulate in clogged pores. Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer also contains glycerin and dimethicone to lock moisture in the skin. This product would be a great treatment for dry skin, except it also contains an ingredient labeled as “florentina root extract,” which is also known as iris or orris root. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to iris root, and it offers no benefits in skin care.

Proactiv Mild Exfoliating Peel

Proactiv advertises this product as a mixture of mild, calming botanicals with the sloughing action of salicylic acid. The 0.5% strength of salicylic acid in this product, however, won’t remove dead skin or debris, and the alcohol and witch hazel extract in the exfoliating peel can actually irritate the skin, increasing the amount of debris in pores rather decreasing it.

Proactiv Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15

If you use benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, or antibiotics, you need sun protection to prevent pigmentation of your skin as it heals. Proactiv Oil Free Moisture with SPF provides the minimum sun protection needed for people with acne along with propylene glycol to lock moisture in the skin. The problem with the formula is that it has been redone to include the irritating sunscreen ingredient, methylisothiazolinone. Adding the chemical to the product now means that some users can develop contact dermatitis, causing itching, flaking, and redness of the skin, just a few minutes after applying the moisturizer.


Proactiv Reviews

Proactiv Solution – An introduction

Proactive is one of the famous (although older) anti acne products used in the US. A careful review of each of the components of Proactive reveals that almost all of the components and ingredients used in Proactive are general, typical and bear standard quality. The three part Proactiv system is mild, but because it is repeated twice a day, every day, it is effective. By sending you products every two months, the company encourages you to continue using it (after all, it’s already paid for) even when you don’t have a breakout. This helps prevent new acne, which is better than treating pimples you have. However, for long term, Proactiv can be expensive. The active ingredients in Proactiv can be purchased separately for less money than if you paid for the Proactiv brand.

Proactiv solution – Components or steps

Proactive reviewsLike other typical anti-acne products, Proactive solution consists of the following three components or steps:

1- Skin renewal: By means of its medicated renewing cleanser, Proactive supposedly kills acne-causing bacteria on contact. Furthermore, its small exfoliating beads gently eliminate dirt, debris, excess oil and dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging in your skin once again.

2- Skin revitalisation: By means of its refreshing, alcohol-free toner, it is thought that Proactive works to remove impurities, sebum and excess oil so that your skin looks and feels clean, soft and refreshed; not tight and dried out. In addition, the soothing botanical agents swiftly balance your skin tone.

3- Skin repair: The repairing acne treatment composed of an oil-free formula is a feather-light medicated treatment that gets deep into clogged pores faster but is designed to be gentler on the skin.
Proactiv solution – Ingredients

Unlike some of the best-selling acne care treatment solutions such as Exposed Skin Care, Proactive is mainly composed of artificial or synthetic ingredients such as:

Benzoyl peroxide (BPO): Works as a strong anti-bacterial but can cause skin irritation or allergy in some cases

Glycolic acid: It works by exfoliating dead skin cells to help keep pores unplugged

Witch hazel: It acts as an antioxidant (helping to prevent free radicals and the damage they cause), as well as an astringent (shrinking and tightening pores to keep dirt and bacteria from getting in).

Pros of Proactiv

*24/7/365 online support
*Automatic shipments (the consumer / user chooses frequency)
*60-day money back guarantee
*Different components to specifically address various aspects of acne such as pimples, dryness, infections, scarring and healing

Cons of Proactiv

*Consists of typical, standard components with more emphases on synthetic ingredients than the natural, herbal ingredients
*At times, twice daily application of each of the three components becomes a really bothersome task for the acne-sufferer. So, in total, you have to apply the different components of the system at least six times a day
*May dry out skin (BPO effect)
*It can also bleach linens and towels
*Results are not usually seen until and unless the whole system / product is used for several months and on consistent basis
*Relatively expensive, as compared to other products used in acne such as “Exposed Skin Care”
*No complete list of all ingredients is currently visible on the official website
*It does not come with additional benefits such as “anti-aging” feature. On the other hand, quality products such as “Exposed Skin Care” do offer such additional benefits in addition to their specific anti-acne action.

Final verdict on Proactiv solution

All in all, considering and comparing the benefits versus risks and advantages and drawbacks of Proactive system, it can be easily and clearly concluded that while Proactive does seem to work in some cases, its safety and effectiveness in all the cases is still not established. Also, multiple daily applications for long term can be quite bothering for the acne patient and will also result in huge expenditure of money. It’s worth noting that there are a number of quality acne systems on the market, and you might want to compare and contrast before settling on Proactiv in particular. Therefore, you should look for a kit that includes some combination of cleanser, toner or astringent, and lotion. Again, you should be sure to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer to rehydrate your face after each use. One of such effective, economical and safe complete anti-acne and skin care system is “Exposed Skin Care” that clearly comes out as a superior choice that is only safe and effective but will also save you a lot of money.


Proactive Reviews : The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

Proactive reviewsMillions of people have trouble with acne, and every year millions more start seeing their face break out.

If you are looking for Proactive reviews or just wondering does Proactive work? You should read the following.

There are some important details that you need to know before you make your decision.

Based on our review, there are better, cheaper and less aggressive acne products on the market. Don’t get fooled by the many positive Proactive reviews found online.

While there are quite a few positive experiences with Proactiv that you can read in some Proactive reviews, there are also a number of negative experiences as well.

The two main types of complains you won’t find in most Proactive reviews are related to

*Proactiv dries your skin: A Major Proactive side effects

Proactiv is a very strong product, in many cases the harsh proactive ingredients did more harm than good to sensitive skins, it is definitely not for all types of skins

*The billing system is horrible

Most Proactive reviews will tell you that most people get a trial Proactiv kit to see if they like it. This then sets the customer up for an automatic rebill. The idea is that you can try it out for a while and see if you like it. If it doesn’t work for you, just cancel the rebill and you won’t be shipped another month’s supply.

The problem is that even though a lot of people cancel, Proactiv doesn’t always cancel the billing. Many customers are very surprised the next month to find a huge charge from Proactiv sitting on their credit card bill, and this is another point that Proactive reviews that want to sell you the product “forget” to tell you and will try to conceive to make a Proactive order to try it.
Don’t be fooled by the many positive Proactive reviews, they are all biased and want to sell you the product for a commission.

There are hundreds of complains on and regarding Proactiv, but most Proactive reviews will not tell you about it.


What Proactive Reviews Have to Say?

Proactive reviewsProactive reviews are quite divided on the effectiveness and safety of the much celebrated solution that is intended to provideproactive reviews clear and smooth skin. However, nobody can discard the fact that it has made a big buzz in the market because of the celebrities who endorsed the product. In this article, you will read a concise report on what Proactive reviews have said about it, a balanced account on the strength and weaknesses of the skin solution. Independent analyses are vital as they can help people to form an educated decision on their buying preferences.

What are the Proactive reviews’ take on its effectiveness?

Proactive reviews have been clear that the product is indeed effective but it only works for some people. Surely, its developers had it tested for possible adverse reactions. One of the problems of Proactive is that it has less natural ingredients. It makes use of benzoyl peroxide for its cleanser and lotion. Although the concentration is quite less, it still may cause some allergic reactions. It was not recommended for individuals who have sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it has worked for few people but to some extent only. It has controlled the acnes but has failed to get rid of them completely.

What does Proactive reviews say about the affordability?

Almost all Proactive reviews have concurred that it is quite expensive if you will compared it with other related solutions. Its price will vary depending on the package that you will buy. It is available in 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece packages. Some reviews have noted that there are instances that it continually charges some people who have returned what they bought. There is a bit of delay in the processing of product returns but this does not necessarily mean that it is a scam. Everybody must be careful with their dealings though.

What is the verdict of Proactive reviews?

It can be concluded from the Proactive reviews that extra caution and time to think must be taken if you would like to try the product. Maybe, it will be your best bet to turn into Proactive products as a last resort. Better yet, consult your dermatologist about its possible effect on you before you use it. There are cases that instead of curing one’s acne, what happened is that it turned other way around.

It is not bad to have a clear and smooth skin. It is but natural to want to look good. However, you must be extra cautious on the products that you will use as you will apply it directly on your skin. No matter how much convincing it may sound, you must not fall into the trap of jumping in without taking time to do some research about it.


Hope you found these articles and proactiv reviews useful, and saw that if proactiv products may work for some people, they are not, by far, the best acne products you can buy !

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