What is Acne? What causes acne?


What is Acne? Here Is The Answer

Acne is a widespread and upsetting problem that has an effect on the skin’s sebaceous glands. The tiny holes in your epidermis (pores) connect to sebaceous glands below the skin. These glands produce an oily substance known as sebum. The pores get connected to the glands by a canal known as a follicle. Within the follicles, sebum carries the dead cells to the surface of the skin.

A thin hair also grows via the hair follicle and out to the epidermis. In come cases the hair follicle of skin gland clogs up, this is if a pimple builds up. Most pimples are observed usually on the facial area, neck, back, chest and shoulder area however, they can appear basically at any place.

Acne can lead to ugly and in rare cases – long lasting scarring but it surely is not life-threatening. Acne evolves as soon as the hair, oils and skin cells heap together to create a plug. A bacterium develops in the plug which results in inflammation. Then once the plug begins to break, a pimple develops.

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Acne Is Common In Both Males and Females

Acne is the most prevalent skin condition. Both males and females of any age and ethnic background can get acne even though, it is usually assumed to be a teenage disease since it is most frequent in youngsters and older people. It is predicted that up to 80% of the population between age of 11 and 30 will encounter some type of acne.

Even old people that are in their fifties (although less common) can have acne problem. The main cause of acne in the first places not recognized, however people have several theories. To abolish one myth, diet certainly does not trigger acne, even though many individuals believe this to be real. No matter if you eat a lot of oily foods or plenty of chocolate and crisps has no part in acne breakouts even though it is true that eating healthy can only benefit your skin tone, acne in fact isn’t caused by whatever you eat.

Health professionals and skin experts believe it might be down to the raise of hormones in adolescence which can trigger the sebaceous glands to block and plug up. Mature women might have acne because of the hormonal imbalance when pregnant and others who take the oral birth control pill can also have acne as a side-effect. Some medicines, especially some anti-biotics can result in spots and applying especially greasy oil-based makeup.

Acne can be addressed by OTC (Over the counter) external face cleansers or ointments or in critical cases, a course of antibiotics and/or steroids for a certain period is recommended based on the type of acne you have and the intensity. For more information you can check all the articles available on this site about acne treatments.

The faster the acne is addressed the lower the incidence of scars. Your physician will be able to recommend or refer you to a skin specialist who is able to work with you so that you get the best treatment, now you know what is acne.

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