Steroid acne


Steroid acne

There are multiple factors that influence acne, such as stress, insufficient sleep, improper environments, and bad diet habits. But the main cause of acne is hormonal imbalances.

There are many acne treatments that fight against hormonal imbalances; also there are several acne treatments that fight against oil production by sebaceous glands, by reducing the size of the glands.

There are also steroids that can influence acne occurrence. Steroid acne is a form of acne that occurs because of the use of steroid medications. After using steroids bumps appear on the chest or face and because this chest or facial acne is caused by steroids it is called steroid acne.

Steroid acne facts

Corticosteroids produce adverse reaction on the body and steroid acne occurs on the chest, on the forehead or cheeks. If somebody suffered from acne before or had someone in the family who suffered from acne, steroids influence their skin condition in a very short period of time and steroid acne occurs as a consequence. High testosterone levels cause sometimes steroid acne and also puberty or stress.

We really must take into consideration that steroids are not good, because they produce adverse reactions in our body, and this form of acne that is not traditional, because it occurs due to some external causes is one of those reactions. Traditional acne occurs because of internal problems, such as hormonal imbalances. This chest or facial acne caused by steroids is behaving the same as traditional acne, except stinging sensation and itchiness that appear in several stages.

Steroid acne

Steroid acne cures

To cure steroid acne you must switch to milder androgens or you have to reduce the amount of androgens or other steroids. You can get rid of this acne also by reducing dihydrotestosterone. There are acne drugs such as Finasteride or Duasteride that work and reduce acne spots on the skin.

We really must be concerned when we want to use steroids, because this acne side effect can reduce self esteem, cause social withdrawal and also can give deep depressions to some individuals. This steroid acne occurs on the chest, face, upper shoulders and people that took prednisone or other steroids can be affected. These acne irruptions sometimes are buried deep within the skin, but this nodular acne usually produces small size lesions.

High cortisol levels increase the effects of acne on the skin. For example when you are very stress, acne bumps irrupt immediately on your skin. Relaxation combined with exercising, such as swimming, dancing can definitely bring improvements on your skin condition. If you have a high level of cortisol in your body acne can occur. Allergens must be removed, by eating less fatty or oil foods. Cortisol lowering supplements are also recommended.

Vitamins are also recommended for lowering the oil production by sebaceous glands. Vitamin A and B are best to use in these cases. There are several medicines that make acne worse. This is the reason that the most important thing when you try to treat your acne is to be informed about how different acne treatments work.

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